Should You Park Your Desk Where Your Car Used to Be? This Mom Did!

With so many moms working from home (yeah, you heard us right, Ms. Marissa Mayer!), we are desperate to find any room we can to set up shop, and apply some great home office decorating ideas, too. Although it may be the last place you look for peace and quiet, your garage might be the secret treasure you never knew you had!

Here’s a recent garage conversion I did for a busy working mom at her new home, and my inside scoop on how you can do it, too. Just click through the slideshow above for easy tips to transform your concrete den into a stylish working space.


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Transform Your Kids' Space With These Handy Guest Room Ideas

Most of us start to panic at the thought of an out-of-town guest coming to our toy-filled houses, but you can relax with these quick guest room ideas by our go-to design guru, Adrienne Mascaro. In under 15 minutes, you can transform your kids\' room from a toy landfill to a chic visiting den (and still have time to get the kids dressed)!

Step 1: Create a bed fit for a king.It’s always a great idea to have an extra bed in your kids\' room for impromptu slumber parties, and even better, when you want to quickly push them together to make a king-size bed for your out-of-town guests.

Step 2: The walls are coming down.Everyone loves cute décor on kids\' walls, but for visitors, you want to wash away any resemblance of kidsville. Quickly remove all kids\' wall art and slide them under the bed so your guests have no idea they are sleeping where Winnie the Pooh usually hangs.

Step 3: Stash stuff in a simple side table.Most side tables have a drawer where you can stash your child’s alarm clock, books, toys, etc. Replace these items with pretty (and functional) items, such as flowers to brighten the space, a water...

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