"Thank you Adrienne for being the Talent that you are...

If I was to get one dollar for every compliment regarding the final design I would be a very rich man..."

- M. Epsteen

My client knew exactly what he wanted, and had very specific design requests. Mostly he wanted a designer who listened to him and followed through with his desires. He asked us, to create a Hampton's feel with colors of Yellow, Sea foam blue-green, Chinese red and the Navy-white-light blue Ralph Lauren look. He said, "I loves Asian pieces, Hawaiian fabrics and please create a place in my kitchen that displays my fiesta ware."

The project took 18 months to complete from demo to installation. Studio Blu was brought in right at the bubble diagrams and architectural plans were created by architect Robert Mackenzie. All interior drawings created by Studio Blu. We were responsible for specifications for cabinetry, millwork, stone and tile layouts as well as all the FFE shopping and design.

Mr. Epsteen still calls on Studio Blu today to design or shop for little things here and there. He has been a great referral for Studio Blu.